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Postcards to Myself

Ink and Watercolour and Mixed Media


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Palo Duro Canyon

Flint Hills

Trolley Trail

Back Garden

Saving the Dead - l
Saving the Dead - II
Ginkgo Biloba Float I
Ginkgo Biloba Float II
Ginkgo Biloba Float III
Winter Blues Triptych I
Winter Blues Triptych II
Winter Blues Triptych III
On Its Side 1
On Its Side 2
On Its Side 3
His Valentine
And Hers
Blue Oil - I
Blue Oil - II
By a Nose
Vanishing Point
The Dream That Just Might Be
Morning Meditation
Minutes Ago
November through March
Deep South Summer Coming On - 1
Deep South Summer Coming On - 2
And Two
Colorado Morning
Home Place Under Show
Summer White
Face IV
Palo Duro Canyon - 2

Canyon Rim, Watercolour on Paper, 8"x12" JOHN MANN: That's it, Mary Ann. Worry about the unlikely. I mean imagine, Mary Ann, what would become of you and the sour-dough start if the buffalo were to come up out of that canyon to make a deliberate run for the wagon? Lines from CORINNE GOODNIGHT, a play by Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim featuring Charles Goodnight's second wife.