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Back Garden

Trolley Trail

Flint Hills

Palo Duro Canyon

Postcards to Myself


Ink and Watercolour and Mixed Media

Vanishing Point
The Dream That Just Might Be
Morning Meditation
Minutes Ago
November through March
Deep South Summer Coming On - 1
Deep South Summer Coming On - 2
And Two
Colorado Morning
Home Place Under Show
Summer White
Face IV

Oil and Acrylic

Saving the Dead - l
Saving the Dead - II
Ginkgo Biloba Float I
Ginkgo Biloba Float II
Ginkgo Biloba Float III
Winter Blues Triptych I
Winter Blues Triptych II
Winter Blues Triptych III
On Its Side 1
On Its Side 2
On Its Side 3
His Valentine
And Hers
Blue Oil - I
Blue Oil - II
By a Nose


Palo Duro Canyon -1

A Caprock Story Ink and Watercolour on Paper, 15" x 11" There always followed in the sickness from too little or none, the sickness from too much. It was forever a matter of imbalance, the weights never equal on both sides. Poetry from KILLING DADDY, novel by Sandra Gail Teichmann available from