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Artist Statement 

It could be said I work at challenging systems, traditions, orders, and beliefs that can categorize one's life. Perhaps it is as my friend, Fred Dunn, quotes from Carl Jung, "Order and meaning are things that have become and are no longer becoming."

To help me understand the organic movement within the whole and so defy the predictable, I keep in mind as I live—and write, and read, and think, and paint—the six intrinsic shapes of nature: the oval, the wave, the meander, the honeycomb, the branch, the spiral. Yes, I know, perhaps another set of controls; yet, if we have these life forms in mind when approaching the arts, we might, due to the width and depth of these complex shapes, note a movement, a moment in passing, save a shadow, find a clarity, form a new question, and a next work of art . . .

As my works and my life unfold, I do so love and need an on-going conversation with others, as it seems the act of being cannot so readily exist in a vacuum. In both writing and painting, my purpose might be as simple as my need to take note of my moments of merging with, and then away from other: other forms, lines, lives, colors, words, notes, rhythms, textures, ideas, voices, and theories that reign over our being and our arts. Each new question and each new work holds the past as well as possibility for a new beginning, an intricate and delicate dance.

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